Budget Life


At the end of this month, I plan on going snowboarding with my friends. We have been told that the best and closest place to snowboard was Big Bear. However, we all know that snowboarding is costly and expensive. As a result, we always hold back from going. The lifting ticket is 64$ and the renting cost is about 34$. I thought that renting would be expensive if I went multiple times. As a result, I thought of a cheap alternative. I went hunting for used snowboards and boots online. This way, I can get high end gear for a great price. I targeted those rich people who mainly sold their used gear to people who would take care of it, rather than people who paid the most for it.Ultimately, I was able to save more money. I called this the budget life. I thought it was smart of me and a good solution for me, a broke high school student, to still be in the game with those rich kids.



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