Spelling B



In the article by Alan Fallow, he attacks President Donald Trump for the many spelling mistakes on his tweets. This brings up many controversies and different point of views. Personally, I believe that spelling is important and shows how “professional” an individual is. Fallow states, “All of Washington is in a sea of typos.” In most eyes, this is regarded as unprofessional and uneducated. A power as big as the Capital of the US should not be misspelling small words. However, I believe that there are exceptions where spelling error does not matter. In social media, where people tend to just get the point across without checking their work, spelling can be disregarded. More than often, people don’t worry too much about correct grammar and spelling when they are on social media. They just simply need to type to get their point across in a tweet or Facebook post. All in all, spelling does matter in some cases like important documents but do not in social media and informal documents.


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