Making a Living

17372979_1409126935811343_1677376630_o.jpgPhoto credits to Tiffany Tran

At spring fest, there were a large amount of people that emptied their wallets. Most clubs sold snack items such as Korean Barbecue or spam musubi. Other clubs sold drinks. These were expensive drinks such as boba. They required a lot of preparation and planning. My club, however, decided to sell bottled drinks. This was the greatest decision of my life because we didn’t have to prepare for anything. Other clubs spent more than five hours cooking and preparing their meals. My  club simply stopped by Costco to buy our drinks. Since we were the only club selling cheap and simple drinks, we got the most sales. At the end of the day, we sold out and made a profit of $300. It was out perfect plan to work smart and not hard. Our club had made  a big amount of profit without spending a lot of effort. The lesson of the day was to work smart, not hard.


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