Car or Hitting the Bars?


Photo Credits to Alex Tran

For most people, cars are just a mean of transportation. Their sole purpose if to transport an object to another location. However, for other, they are life. Some people are interested in the hobby of cars. They often fine tune cars, trying to make it faster, or making it look good. This wallet swallowing hobby is fun and dangerous. Most car enthusiasts say that it is well worth the risk because cars are such a beautiful thing. I believe that the hobby of cars is obviously worth the risk. There had been many stories that involve multiple deaths during street races. However, the aesthetics of cars is just beautiful to look at. For example, my friend Alex’s car is an absolute beast while looking like a Miss Universe. Another controversial topic is that car enthusiasts often break the law. They recklessly drive, perform street races, donuts, and burnouts. However, I believe in the phrase, “it’s not illegal until you get caught.”


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