Vietnamese Superstar or Mr. Vinh?


Photo Credits to Model Vinh Nguyen

Some of us want to be models when we grow up. However, some people just aren’t made to be models. The blessed ones such as Vinh Nguyen was born with the perfect genetics. Although his Overwatch skills may not be the best, his aesthetics definitely makes up for it. Superstars are the ones who get the most fame and drama for doing small jobs. For example, if Mr. Vinh gained 2 SSR, he would be referred to as a “god.” However, if his rival Nick Lee got his head out of his butt and grinded his way out of bronze and into gold all by himself, then he is still a piece of tumor. I believe that superstars should be getting this much attention because it’s what they deserve. They worked hard to get to where they are today. For example, Vinh had to work hard to get his fame. Although him speaking makes me lose brain cells, he still goes out of his way to volunteer everyday in Ziebarth’s class. Many strive to be like this young man, but many fail because of the uniqueness of this man. This outstanding young fellow is definitely something special; that’s what I like to hear.


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