Vietnamese Superstar or Mr. Vinh?


Photo Credits to Model Vinh Nguyen

Some of us want to be models when we grow up. However, some people just aren’t made to be models. The blessed ones such as Vinh Nguyen was born with the perfect genetics. Although his Overwatch skills may not be the best, his aesthetics definitely makes up for it. Superstars are the ones who get the most fame and drama for doing small jobs. For example, if Mr. Vinh gained 2 SSR, he would be referred to as a “god.” However, if his rival Nick Lee got his head out of his butt and grinded his way out of bronze and into gold all by himself, then he is still a piece of tumor. I believe that superstars should be getting this much attention because it’s what they deserve. They worked hard to get to where they are today. For example, Vinh had to work hard to get his fame. Although him speaking makes me lose brain cells, he still goes out of his way to volunteer everyday in Ziebarth’s class. Many strive to be like this young man, but many fail because of the uniqueness of this man. This outstanding young fellow is definitely something special; that’s what I like to hear.


Food Waste?

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Photo credits to Countdown with Fresh

Every year, food is being wasted. In the US alone, 2 billion pounds of food are thrown away each year. In a video by LA Times, Rebecca Richman Cohen interviewed the governor about food. The main reason why edible food is being thrown out is because of its expiration date. These dates are just numbers that suggest when foods should be thrown out. However, most of the time, these dates are inaccurate and people still thrown them away. Study shows that these expiration dates are just numbers that are slapped onto the food. There is no scientific support behind these numbers. They are just plain estimates of expiration times. I believe that we should do something about this expiration dates. We should require the dates to be supported by scientific evidence. This way, less food would be wasted and more food would be consumed. The main problem is that most people are scared to eat food that has gone past its expiration date, even thought it actually isn’t expired.

Farm Labor

Farmworker Leobijildo Martinez tends to the grapevines at Silverado Farming in Napa Valley. (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

In the article, Wages rise on California Farms, I found many interesting facts. This article taught me that not even would work out the way it seems. Since wages went up, more and more people should be applying for the job, however, there is still a lack of labor in this case. Many farm workers are Mexican. With trump’s new plan these Mexicans have left and job spots had opened up for the Americans, which was the plan. However, Americans ares till not satisfied with these jobs because of the large amount of physical labor required. This interests me because these Americans are given a chance to get a job and live a normal life. Yet they would rather live in poverty then work a simple job. This gives me the conclusion that most poor Americans today are rather lazy and don’t want to work hard. Obviously, everyone wants money without working, but in real life, this isn’t the case. It just bothers me on why the Americans won’t take the jobs on the farms even though the pay is still higher than minimum wage.


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Photo Credits : (A boy looks for discarded materials to sell in a northern Baghdad squatter settlement (MEE/Hadeer Al-Sayeed)

I believe that our main economical concern today is poverty. Poverty is an undesired condition and does not feel good. Since more and more rich people are hoarding money, the poor get poorer. As people get driven into poverty, they get more and more desperate. When people are desperate, they tend to do illegal acts. A hungry homeless might steal for food or trespass for shelter. As they get hungrier, they go into survival state of mind and do whatever it takes to survive. This is a big problem because people tend to commit crimes or do bad things when they are trying to mainly survive. This can endanger society and ultimately lead to the worst of the worst.

Spelling B


In the article by Alan Fallow, he attacks President Donald Trump for the many spelling mistakes on his tweets. This brings up many controversies and different point of views. Personally, I believe that spelling is important and shows how “professional” an individual is. Fallow states, “All of Washington is in a sea of typos.” In most eyes, this is regarded as unprofessional and uneducated. A power as big as the Capital of the US should not be misspelling small words. However, I believe that there are exceptions where spelling error does not matter. In social media, where people tend to just get the point across without checking their work, spelling can be disregarded. More than often, people don’t worry too much about correct grammar and spelling when they are on social media. They just simply need to type to get their point across in a tweet or Facebook post. All in all, spelling does matter in some cases like important documents but do not in social media and informal documents.

More Specific?


When it comes to writing, there are many details. Today, we’ll be focusing on being specific. Being specific is extremely important because according to Beth Johnson, specificity allows for adding detail. When a piece of literature isn’t specific, it lacks detail and is boring for the readers. Adding specific details allows the reader to get a better understanding and image. Based on my experience, I can confirm this because my writing has been specific for the last two years. According to my essay grades, I’ve seen a 40% improvement. For example, my plain essay freshmen year only received a C+. Now, in junior year, my essays have been receiving an average grade of an A. This is because of the extra added details. When comparing the passages “I ate lunch,” and “I ate a ham sandwich for the afternoon” you can obviously tell that the second one gives a much more clearer image.

Natural Play


According to a Ted Talk show that was played in class, I believe that play is an essential part of not just children, but everyone. The talk claimed that natural play helps young children develop natural skills for their future life. He states that play allow kids to be more creative and have better social skills. Personally, I find this true because I can see how play is important in my life. When I play, I can notice myself being more social. I talk to the other children around me and communicate with them. Ultimately, I can see how this develops my skills that I can later apply to my older self. Play also helps me reduce stress levels and have fun again. Having fun is rare these days due to the unmerciful amount of homework that teachers these days give.