Sushi Distro Zine Photograph: Tukru

Sushi Distro Zine

In class, we are learning about a new thing called zines. They are mini flip books filled with pictures and small texts. I like to call these zines mini meme books. Are are meant to be more interesting for people to read. There should be less words and more pictures. Are they actually more effective than books when it comes to delivering information? Books may contain way more information and facts, but they are truly difficult to obtain an audience. Most kids these days wouldn’t just sit down and open a book. However, zines contain entertaining content that more people would enjoy, thus promoting them to be read.  I believe that zines are way more effective because people actually pay attention to them when reading. They aren’t dozing off or being forced to read. This makes it a useful tool for delivering crucial information to a group of audience.




This is my interview with my dad. I asked him what his life was back in Vietnam and how he came all the way to America. During the interview, I was investigating my dad. He often talked about Vietnam with a negative tone. He constantly mentioned Communist and how they took over the government. Later, I found out that the Communist ruined his life and forced him to work at an extremely young age. This was fascinating because I learned about his past and how he hates the Communist. I was glad that Mr. Ziebarth gave us this assignment because I learned a lot. Through the use of questioning, I gained valuable information.

Animal Experiments


In my Ap Biology class, I was required to do an experiment on living organisms. This consists of plants and animals. This made me question my morals. As an animal lover, I really hated to do this experiment because it puts the mouse under stress. However, I did it anyways for the sake of my grades. In my mind, I knew that I had just sacrificed an animal for my grade. Was this really necessary? I kept questioning why the school would make us experiment on animals. I didn’t understand why we were supposed to test these animals to achieve an inevitable result. Why couldn’t the teacher just tell us what was going to happen instead of making all these mice suffer?

Cash and Dash


Once I arrived home after school,  I found a bunch of 20 dollar bills on my desk. I had no idea where this came from but I didn’t care. All I knew was that I had free money, which is something that never happens in life. This sparked many new questions. Who gave me this money? Where did it come from? What did I do to deserve this money? At the same time, I was also delighted that someone had taken their time to surprise me and give me money. I took the money and ran away.