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During the weekend, I went to take my first SAT. It was an intense five hour session of suffering. The entire time, brain was getting wasted and dying. Someone this intense and hardworking should always come with a reward. I believe that hard work should always be rewarded. If this wasn’t the case, then people would have no motivation to work hard and being successful. Because of rewards, hard work is constantly being emphasized and the world is turning into a better place. After I had to work my butt off studying for the SATs, I got a reward. My reward was eating my favorite food, sushi. Right across the testing center was the sushi restaurant. This was meant to be. My reward was purposely located next to the testing center. That afternoon, I was satisfied and happy that my five hours of suffering was over.



Knocked Out

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During the intense week of finals, I managed to snap a picture of my friend sleeping in class. He was only tired and sleepy because he was up all night trying to study and do homework for finals. This demonstrates the intense conditions that students go through to get good grades on their finals. The big question is, “is it worth it to give up some of your health for a better grade on the final?” Heck yea it is. I believe that it is absolutely worth it to give up some sleep for a better grade. Grades will determine your GPA, which will ultimately influence your chances of getting into your dream college. Getting a high GPA would help you get into a better school, and ultimately a better job.


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Photo Credits : (A boy looks for discarded materials to sell in a northern Baghdad squatter settlement (MEE/Hadeer Al-Sayeed)

I believe that our main economical concern today is poverty. Poverty is an undesired condition and does not feel good. Since more and more rich people are hoarding money, the poor get poorer. As people get driven into poverty, they get more and more desperate. When people are desperate, they tend to do illegal acts. A hungry homeless might steal for food or trespass for shelter. As they get hungrier, they go into survival state of mind and do whatever it takes to survive. This is a big problem because people tend to commit crimes or do bad things when they are trying to mainly survive. This can endanger society and ultimately lead to the worst of the worst.

Spelling B


In the article by Alan Fallow, he attacks President Donald Trump for the many spelling mistakes on his tweets. This brings up many controversies and different point of views. Personally, I believe that spelling is important and shows how “professional” an individual is. Fallow states, “All of Washington is in a sea of typos.” In most eyes, this is regarded as unprofessional and uneducated. A power as big as the Capital of the US should not be misspelling small words. However, I believe that there are exceptions where spelling error does not matter. In social media, where people tend to just get the point across without checking their work, spelling can be disregarded. More than often, people don’t worry too much about correct grammar and spelling when they are on social media. They just simply need to type to get their point across in a tweet or Facebook post. All in all, spelling does matter in some cases like important documents but do not in social media and informal documents.

Fpv Racing Quadcopter


This hobby is called Fpv racing Quadcopters. It is basically a drone with a camera attached to the front. You pair it up with goggles that portray the image of the camera. As a result, you can control the drone with the first person view, as if you were in the pilot seat. Recently, I’ve gotten into this hobby and been flying my drone around. It’s satisfying when you do perfect loops and fly at parks. Often, people are amused and always come to watch. They record and are awed. This is satisfying as a flyer. It is also delightful when you fly around because it gives you a sense of freedom. It helps relieve the stress that school gives me everyday.

More Specific?


When it comes to writing, there are many details. Today, we’ll be focusing on being specific. Being specific is extremely important because according to Beth Johnson, specificity allows for adding detail. When a piece of literature isn’t specific, it lacks detail and is boring for the readers. Adding specific details allows the reader to get a better understanding and image. Based on my experience, I can confirm this because my writing has been specific for the last two years. According to my essay grades, I’ve seen a 40% improvement. For example, my plain essay freshmen year only received a C+. Now, in junior year, my essays have been receiving an average grade of an A. This is because of the extra added details. When comparing the passages “I ate lunch,” and “I ate a ham sandwich for the afternoon” you can obviously tell that the second one gives a much more clearer image.



Over the weekend, I went snowboarding with my friends Tyler and Max. We went up with his boy scout troop and got a good discount. We only had to pay $60 for the ski lift ticket at Snow Valley Ski Resort. Upon arriving, it was fairly crowded. On my first run, Max took me to the highest ski lift without knowing. Because I was at the very top, I had to go all the way down. This was my first black diamond run and I went straight down. I fell a few times and hit the ground hard but it was part of the process of learning. It was extremely fun and I had a blast. The snow was great and surprisingly, it was 35 degree Fahrenheit. It got so hot that I was sweating from the multiple layers that I wore. This was a delightful experience for me and a wonderful time for me to improve upon my snowboarding skills.