Food Waste?

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Photo credits to Countdown with Fresh

Every year, food is being wasted. In the US alone, 2 billion pounds of food are thrown away each year. In a video by LA Times, Rebecca Richman Cohen interviewed the governor about food. The main reason why edible food is being thrown out is because of its expiration date. These dates are just numbers that suggest when foods should be thrown out. However, most of the time, these dates are inaccurate and people still thrown them away. Study shows that these expiration dates are just numbers that are slapped onto the food. There is no scientific support behind these numbers. They are just plain estimates of expiration times. I believe that we should do something about this expiration dates. We should require the dates to be supported by scientific evidence. This way, less food would be wasted and more food would be consumed. The main problem is that most people are scared to eat food that has gone past its expiration date, even thought it actually isn’t expired.


Dim Sum

This weekend, I went out to go eat Dim Sum with my friends. It was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. The Xiu Mai was a delicious yellow dumping with pork in the middle. After we all finished and the bill came out, we groaned. The bill for our party of four people was 60 dollars! This moment reminded me of a quote someone once told me. They said “you get what you payed for.” I knew what this quote meant now. Since we paid a lot for the food, it was delicious. This quote perfectly related to our situation. I instantly knew we got what was worth 60 dollars.