Sushi Distro Zine Photograph: Tukru

Sushi Distro Zine

In class, we are learning about a new thing called zines. They are mini flip books filled with pictures and small texts. I like to call these zines mini meme books. Are are meant to be more interesting for people to read. There should be less words and more pictures. Are they actually more effective than books when it comes to delivering information? Books may contain way more information and facts, but they are truly difficult to obtain an audience. Most kids these days wouldn’t just sit down and open a book. However, zines contain entertaining content that more people would enjoy, thus promoting them to be read.  I believe that zines are way more effective because people actually pay attention to them when reading. They aren’t dozing off or being forced to read. This makes it a useful tool for delivering crucial information to a group of audience.


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